A Certain Sparkle
Winner of the 2013 ASJA Outstanding Lifestyle Article Award

Every year, old friends reunite in France’s Champagne region to keep ancient harvest traditions alive.

A Food Lover Journeys to Lyon
AFAR Magazine Cover Story

As I slide through the lace-curtained door, my glasses instantly steam up…

Pirates of the Mediterranean
The Washington Post ~ Lowell Thomas Award

Welcome to our nation-state. It is 43 feet long and 23 wide — a bareboat catamaran, if you prefer…

Chef Interview: Christopher Kostow
Culinary Trends

“I think most chefs should just put figs on a plate. I’m fine with it – if it’s a good fig. In the hands of almost all chefs, I’d rather just have the fig.”

The Dream Cream
The Washington Post

It was London, the early 1990s. We had our first encounter at the Hyde Park Hotel. Then a rendezvous at Brown’s Hotel. Which led to…

Sleeping with Mr. Wright
National Geographic Traveler

“Anyone over six feet tall is a weed,” Frank Lloyd Wright once noted. When six-foot-eight-inch Louis Penfield asked if Wright could design a home for him…

OBAMARAMA: Fear, loathing, kindness and brunch in Barack Obama’s Chicago
The San Francisco Chronicle

The clerk at 57th Street Books cracks. “OK, OK. He bought ‘The Presidency for Dummies’ and ‘The Idiot’s Guide to the White House.’ You pried it out of me”…

The Land of a Million Elephants
The Washington Post

“I feel like a gangster,” an Irish fellow mutters, struggling to close his wallet around a fat wad of kip…

Stockholm Syndrome
Executive Traveler

On day three, I cracked. I flipped through the CDs in my hotel room and fed one into the player. “Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight!” ABBA blared…

Pop Stars
The Washington Post

Visiting Champagne feels as if you’re getting away with something. It’s like New Year’s Eve without silly hats. A wedding minus the hideous bridesmaids’ dresses…

Stanford: A Haven in Silicon Valley
Executive Travel

It’s 9:30 on a balmy night, and I’m standing amid 20 looming, glimmering statues sculpted by Auguste Rodin. But I’m not in Paris…

Best Travelers' Tales

I found the piece of onionskin paper in a moving box. Light as a whisper, it was folded, folded, folded, until it resembled a tiny pillow. It was the draft of a letter…

The (Ndebele) King & I
The Washington Post

“Ngwen-YAAA-ma!” I cry, my eyes cast respectfully downward to the dusty ground. This is my first encounter with royalty, and I want to get it right.

Tracking Truffles
The Washington Post

Roberto has dark, shoulder-length hair and a full beard. It would be easy to mistake him for Jesus of the Church of Truffles…

Hawaii – The Best of the Islands
Four Seasons

Here’s a report on the latest and best Hawaii has to offer, on individual islands and statewide…

Primeval, Postmodern Nidzica
The Los Angeles Times

In the castle courtyard, cobblestones slicked with rain, a Teutonic knight was sneaking a cigarette…

Tango Crazy
The Washington Post

Bang-bang! Bang-bang! Bang! Am I going tango crazy? Somewhere in our hotel workmen hammer, and I’m convinced my husband and I could dance to the beat…

The Gîte Life
The Washington Post

“You’ve watched too many subtitled movies,” my husband accused. He was right. My sweet little fantasy played something like this…

South Africa, Ten Years After
The Washington Post

Apartheid made me stronger. It made me what I am today,” Naomi tells me…

The Elephants of Addo
The Los Angeles Times

“Roll up your window,” my husband muttered, easing his camera down. A bull elephant was sauntering toward our car…

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